Building Visibility

One of the greatest challenges for many consultancies and educators is creating and sustaining visibility among prospects and clients. This is a common problem for most organisations and is compounded by the information overload we all suffer from. The only effective solution to the threat of invisibility is to create a steady stream of irresistibly captivating, relevant and useful content. Why? Because that is what people want and are asking for. However, it’s not very often that ‘irresistibly captivating’ is used to describe a PowerPoint presentation, talking head video or text overloaded website. To become truly visible requires a whole lot more than text and a few stock images to stand o

The Consultant’s Brand

Seth Godin defines a brand as “a set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.” In consulting practices the brand is, to a large extent, the personality, knowledge and wisdom of the consultant. That is why, when marketing their services, consultants spend most of their time networking and get most of their clients from referrals. People buy largely on brand because in the absence of a tangible product they perceive what the consultant offers as an intangible commodity product – the only difference is the brand experience. The question is: how different is the experience of your b

Generating Traffic through User Generated Content

Give Tom, Dick and Sally a truckload of thingamajigs and a spanner to put it all together and soon they will be creating stuff that they absolutely have to share with the entire world. Me, me, me, it’s all about me. User Generated Content has the fun of a game and the effectiveness of a viral idea, all wrapped into one. How does it work? • Generated Content tools are as sticky on a website as chewing gum on the pavement. • It is as attention hungry as a game, so you have their brains in the palm of your hand (OK, maybe that creates the wrong picture but you get the idea!) • Since the thingamajigs they use to create their own stuff is your branded elements they cannot help but fall in lov

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