Unleash your pitch!

Are you struggling to convince people of the value of business coaching?
Do they think coaching is too expensive?

Nonsense, we say!

Explain the value of your business coaching service with this attention-grabbing, highly engaging animation.




Why make use of this unique opportunity to grow your business?

Here are a few good reasons?

WAKSTER’s Bright Light Animations are crafted to attract attention and then hold it until your pitch is done.

Attract Attention

In today’s noisy world you have to do something different to get noticed.



We utilise the art and science of effective communication to explain the value of your offer.

A Lightbulb Moment

People are not always ready to buy when they see your message so you need to make it memorable.


Once people ‘get’ the value you offer and feel excited about it they are more likely to take positive action.

Positive Action

People buy on how they feel about something and the storytelling power of our animations is all about creating positive feelings.

Feel it


This is a Ready-Made animation but we want to make sure people know it’s about YOU. So we will incorporate your logo and contact details into the video.

You buy the animation and send us your logo and contact details. (We’ll tell you what we need)

You Buy It

We will incorporate your logo and contact details into your video and get it ready for use.

We Make It

Once the video is ready we will send a download link and instructions on how to upload it to YouTube and other key platforms.

You Use It


Make this animation part of your marketing funnel.

Business Coach Animation

£420.00Regular Price£252.00Sale Price

A Bright Light Animations production by WAKSTER

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