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Where the Science of Persuasion meets the Art of Animation


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Behavioural Economics



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Not just theory and not just pretty animations but highly persuasive introductions to your products and services

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Explaining your value proposition
is not enough.

Most lead conversions fail because understanding
does not automatically translate into action.


They visit


You explain your

value proposition


They leave


Although understanding is a crucial component of non-impulsive decision making, it is rarely enough.

If you want your content to be more persuasive, you have to engage the whole brain by including the following:

  • A Rational Narrative that focuses on not just understanding but sense-making.

  • An Emotional Narrative that will activate decision-making processes.

  • A Visual Narrative that will bolster the rational and emotional narratives.

  • A Primer Narrative that will amplify the effectiveness of the other narratives by priming the mind and steering it in the right direction through framing.


WAKSTER has developed a robust framework of understanding that allows us to weave these four narratives into what we've coined Persuader Animations.

It is a synthesis between the rational and the intuitive, logic and creativity, and science and art.

Suppose you want to create genuinely persuasive marketing content. In that case, it makes sense to base it on what science tells us about how the mind makes decisions rather than on our casual intuitions.


Our Services


400+ animations and counting

450+ characters across 60+ collections


We have two decades of expertise in animation, character design and delving into the depths of persuasion techniques.

  • Ideation

  • Persuasion strategies

  • Scriptwriting

  • Character design

  • 3D modelling

  • Storyboards

  • 2D & 3D animation

  • Motion Graphics

  • Sound design

  • Post-production editing

Our unique approach of bringing the science of persuasion together with the art of animation gives us a focus generalist agencies and most animation studios can’t offer.

We specialise in B2B animations.



What Our Clients Say


The question is
Why Animation?


Godlike Power

Animation offers you a blank canvas to create whatever objects, events, environments, and characters you need to create highly engaging stories ideal for information assimilation and retention.

You don’t get that with video unless you have a blockbuster movie budget that can pay for actors, special effects, set builders and more.


Orchestrated Emotion

Research has shown that the mind cannot make decisions without feelings and emotions being involved.

Animation offers you tools, such as hyperbole, non-physics motion and unrestrained storytelling control, to allow you to orchestrate the emotions, feelings, and sensations you need to activate the mind’s decision-making processes.



Information Assimilation

Animation can strip information down to its essence. This gives it an extraordinary ability to explain complex, abstract or difficult-to-differentiate topics in a way that makes them engaging and easy to understand. 

Engagement retains attention, which gets people to listen to everything you want to say.  Making things easy to understand helps lower the energy cost for the mind and helps with memorability. 

If you have any doubts, please read this:

The mind has evolved an impressive set of powerful cognitive functions to help it create models of the world that can efficiently inform its decision-making processes. The more of these functions we engage with, the more effective we can become at influencing those decision-making processes.

Animation gives you the tools to engage a wide range of cognitive functions and do so in a highly orchestrated manner.


Choreographed Sense-making

No other format in the B2B space is as effective at integrating rational understanding with need-based emotions to create a state of sense-making as animation is. Sense-making is a key ingredient of persuasiveness.

You want people to understand the value of your offer while at the same time feeling the need to acquire it, and only at that point will it make sense to take action. 


Why pay for


Our sense of quality guides our decision-making process. It gives us a feel of how effective something is likely to be at fulfilling our needs. 

A poor quality animation has a lower probability of influencing our perception of how likely a product, service or company is to fulfil our needs. This results in a lower conversion rate. 

Quality outperforms and outlasts cheaper alternatives. 

Animation is like an ultra low-resolution image when you start the creation process. You then increase the resolution over hundreds of iterations and across many domains such as research, ideation, scriptwriting, 3D modelling and animation.
A low budget inevitably produces a low-resolution result because it does not allow the required time to increase the quality to a sufficient level. That means the animation will simply not go as far as the high-quality option in generating leads and converting leads to sales.


Our Work

Trusted By Many


The effectiveness of an animation to persuade can only be as good as the production company’s understanding of the cognitive processes governing the decision making processes.

WAKSTER has been working on developing a practical framework for understanding how the mind makes decisions for nearly two decades. The system is unique and powerful. We constantly refine the framework with the latest research findings in psychology, neuroscience and behavioural economics.

The value we offer is not so much in our character, animation or design skills - although we’re very good at those things - but in our ability to craft compelling stories. That is what separates us from other animation studios. We know how to connect with hearts and minds. We've been doing this for a long time and for many brands across a wide range of sectors.


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