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To be more persuasive, you need a
whole-brain approach

We don't just explain the value of a product or service.
Our approach is to consider all the cognitive processes involved in decision-making and fuse them into a highly persuasive animation.

That's what we do, it works, and that's what makes us different.


Take just four entertaining minutes to discover how we do it ...

Some of the many outstanding companies we've worked with:

Explaining your value proposition
is not enough.

Understanding doesn't translate into action - not automatically.

That is why most initial introductions fail.


They visit


You explain your

value proposition


They leave


Understanding is a crucial part of non-impulsive decision-making. But it's rarely enough.

You want your website, social media or emails to make a more effective introduction to your products, your services, or your cause. You want to persuade someone to take action.

And the effective way to do it?

Engage a broad swath of their mind’s information processing and decision-making systems.




Because when they’re considering your value offer, all of these mental systems are involved anyway. If you’re not engaging them, you’re just leaving things to chance.

  • A Rational Narrative that focuses on not just understanding but sense-making.

  • An Emotional Narrative that will activate decision-making processes.

  • Visual and Auditory Narratives that will not just reflect but augment and bolster the rational and emotional narratives. 

  • A Primer Narrative that will amplify the effectiveness of the other narratives by priming the mind with thoughts and emotions favourable to your message.


WAKSTER has developed a robust framework of understanding that allows us to weave the four narratives into what we call Persuader Animations.

You don't want an ideal client to visit your site and disappear because your message didn't connect or it missed that one push that would have persuaded them to contact you. It makes sense to base your first introduction on what science tells us about how the mind makes decisions. That means utilising the whole brain to persuade people of the value you offer.


Our Services


400+ animations and counting

450+ characters across 60+ collections


We have more than two decades of expertise in animation, character design and delving into the depths of persuasion techniques.

  • Research

  • Ideation

  • Persuasion strategies

  • Four Narrative Scriptwriting

  • Character design

  • 3D modelling

  • Storyboards

  • 3D Animation

  • Motion Graphics

  • Sound design

  • Post-production editing

Our unique approach of bringing the science of behavioural economics and the communication power of animation together gives us a focus that generalist agencies and most animation studios can’t offer.

We specialise in using animation to create effective introductions to B2B products and services as well as social causes.



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