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Animation Studio: Birmingham, West Midlands, Kidderminster, UK

Characters for Marketing

Vodafone, a leading global telecommunications company, wanted to use Facebook to reach customers and prospects.

The customers they wanted to engage use Facebook as a way to find quick, fun, shareable content. That insight led to the creation of the Zoozoos by Ogilvy & Mather, the agency that handles Vodafone advertisements.

These characters currently have over 18.5 million followers on Facebook.  That’s a massive audience to expose your brand to on a regular basis.

So, what’s the thinking behind this strategy? 

We all know consumers are only interested in one thing: “what’s in it for me.”

The one thing that always wins hands down is entertainment. If they like the entertainment they’re through the door, regardless of the brand.

Ticket sold. 

Once the consumer is signed up to the entertainment value and feel-good factor, you have time to build brand affinity. 

You can have meaningful conversations, build relationships and insert your sales messages.

The big question is: “will it work for you,

for your industry, for your brand?”

We know entertainment works. The real question is; what kind of entertainment will fit your brand and appeal to your particular target audience.

If it’s hard to imagine why someone would want an intimate relationship with your brand or how you can maintain such a relationship, then you should seriously consider adding entertainment as a conduit between your brand and your audience. If you are worried that your brand might be too serious for such an approach click here.

Consumer  >  Entertainment  >  Brand

Remember, you’re looking for a way to build a significant fan base with whom you can have meaningful conversations. You want a channel that allows you to keep your brand top of mind with your audience. Entertainment is the answer and Characters are the source. 

What do animated characters bring to the table? 

  • They meaningfully differentiate your brand, making all your online marketing content immediately recognizable.

  • They add a lot of feel-good factor that gets associated with your brand –always a good idea.

  • One of the biggest challenges content marketers consistently face is producing enough content, and producing the kind of content that engages their audience.

    Characters offer endless possibilities for fresh content.

  • Production costs for animated characters are much lower than if you were to use actors.

Introducing characters as a marketing tactic is one of those thinking-outside-the-box strategies. Yes, it’s asking you to become a publisher of entertainment content. It’s asking you to manage a social media community. Those are very likely things that are far removed from your day-to-day business. It is, however, our day-to-day business and that is why we’re here to help you.

If you want to explore entertainment as a marketing tactic  please get in touch.