Video and Animation Rate Card

If you’re here it’s probably because you like what you’ve seen and now you’re wondering: How much does 3D animation, characters and all this Wow-Factor cost?


Well, there’s the “how long is a piece of string” response and although that answer is applicable, it’s not really helpful.


The first point we want to make is that you have to be convinced that the kind of Wow-Factor videos, illustrations or presentations you’ve seen on our website is going to make a difference to your marketing, sales and brand image and that WAKSTER is be the right company for your project.


This is not so much about costs as getting a return on your investment.

A few important considerations

The rates outlined below, are only a rough guide to the cost of your project.


Although we’ve gone to great lengths to keep our prices as low as possible it still takes time to create such high quality projects.


There are a number of factors that can add to the cost of a project but there are also as many creative solutions to bring costs down. That’s why you shouldn’t actually even bother looking at the rates below but get in touch with us so we can discuss your requirements – let’s see what we can do for the budget that you’ve got available.

Basic Characters

We have a wide selection of Basic Characters. They are relatively quick and easy to animate, fully customisable and very popular.

Complex Characters

The Complex set of characters takes a bit more time to animate but they can do more things, express more emotions and they are brilliant at communicating more subtle messages.

Combos & Alternatives

Your video can either be fully animated, Live Action Video, Motion Graphics or a combination of those three options. For example, you might introduce your products and services and then cut to animation to explain a certain processes or idea. Powerful stuff!

* If the motion graphics is part of a 3D animated video then some of the costs will be shared.

* If the Video is part of a 3D animated video then some of the costs will be shared.


For Live Action Video shoots we collaborate with external video production teams. We take full project responsibility.

Objects and Environments

The above animation including creating objects, environments and bespoke characters can vary greatly in terms of complexity. To create a 3D model of a nut is a simple task. To create a super accurate model of a battleship is altogether another matter.


In the image above the model on the left took about 3 hours to create and the one on the right 3 days. For props and backgrounds we have several options:

  • We can model the object or environment from scratch

  • We might already have the model in our own library

  • You might have the model available in CAD or another format we can import into 3DS Max

  • The model might be available from an online library

  • We can use photographs or video


Our standard rate for 3D modelling is £50 per hour.




All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT

Now that you've got a rough idea of our prices, why not send us your requirements and roughly how much you'd like to invest in your project, and we'll come up with some suggestions.

Please get in touch with us!