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Character and Animation Rate Card

If you’re here it’s probably because you like what you’ve seen and now you’re wondering: How much does 3D animation, characters and all this Wow-Factor cost?


Well, there’s the “how long is a piece of string” response and although that answer is applicable, it’s not really helpful.


The first point I want to make is that you have to be convinced that the kind of Wow-Factor videos, illustrations and presentations you’ve seen on my website is going to make a difference to your marketing, sales and brand image and that I am the right person for your project.


This is not so much about costs as getting a return on your investment.


selection of 3D characters including hamster wooden male and female and tow male characters with egyptian mummy

I don’t really want you to buy the rights to a character I develop for you. I love the characters I design and want to look after them for you. I want to help them work for you and become famous and make you a success. However, if you really want to own them outright I will sell them to you - that’s not slavery, is it? Anyway, I also have several other options available that gives you exclusive usage rights as well as budget options, such as the characters from my existing library of characters,  

* Wakster carries all the development costs   ** Non-exclusive characters cannot feature branding
WAKSTER retains copyright unless transferred in writing.

Animation Rate Card

3D  characters including a white sock, medical professor and blue and purple cow

OK, estimating the cost of creating tricycles, sport cars and intergalactic rockets is a complex endeavour, so I’ve tried to simplify the matter somewhat. The two videos below will give you a rough idea of costs but please get in contact with me so that we can discuss your requirements and apply my vast amount of creativity and experience to find a perfect solution for your needs.

Examples of Basic Animation: £3000 - £5000

Examples of More Advanced Animation: £6000 - £12000+

Other things that affect costs are:

  • How many different scenes and characters will there be?

  • How long will the video be?

  • Environments – do we use a simple infinity drop, photos, video or 3D models and, if we use 3D models, how complex are they?

Now that you've got a rough idea of our prices, why not send me your requirements and roughly how much you'd like to invest in your project, and I'll come up with some suggestions.

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Please get in touch with me!