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© 2017 WAKSTER Ltd       
Registered in England and Wales.

Company No. 5988382
VAT Registration No. 824 2373 43

Animation Studio: Birmingham, West Midlands, Kidderminster, UK

Are some brands too serious to be associated with animated characters and entertainment?

It is easy to think of brands operating in different industry sectors as having a consistent set of personality traits. Banks, insurance companies, business consultancies would all be considered to have “serious” brand attributes. Adding anything frivolous into this mix would be considered as damaging to the brand.​

  • Seriousness makes it difficult to differentiate your brand 

  • Seriousness often lacks personality

  • Seriousness offers very little sense of emotional connection

  • Most serious brands, if they were to be magically transformed into a person, would not be someone you would want to work with

All this makes marketing serious brands more difficult, especially through social media channels, because people are not easily attracted to such brands.

To address this problem brands need to become more multi-dimensional and less static in their personalities – like people. You might be serious when conducting your business but you’re not serious all the time (at least we hope not).

So, your brand should likewise be willing to show its human side and approachability. There should be room for your prospective clients to have some fun and to get to know you - your social media marketing is the ideal place for this.

One option is to keep the seriousness for your website, your blogs, and your LinkedIn discussions and make your Facebook and Twitter channels more social and entertaining.  

People will love your for it.

If you're serious about offering people a compelling reason to become fans of your brand, please get in touch.

Characters for Marketing