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Investing in Quality

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The reason why you should invest in quality is simple – quality outperforms and outlasts cheaper alternatives. When deciding on how much to invest in the creation of content, the inexpensive route might seem sensible. However, like cheap shoes, low-quality content will simply not go as far as the high-quality option in generating leads and converting leads to sales. Low-quality content offers a low ROI as it requires you to create more content to get the same level of lead generation and conversion as one high-quality piece.

High quality content has another big advantage: brand recognition. In a marketplace where everything is treated as a commodity your brand is the main differentiating factor and quality content is what sets you apart. It’s more engaging, pleasurable and meaningful than its cheaper alternative. Furthermore it’s better at creating continuity, especially when using high-quality visuals in a consistent style. Put all this together and your brand is more memorable and more likely to retain people’s interest.

Whenever you present your content to prospective or existing customers there are three key areas that determine its effectiveness:

• the value and uniqueness of your message

• the words used to communicate that message

• and the visuals utilised to attract, engage and retain your audience.

To communicate your message in the most effective way you need all three areas to be of high quality. It is the visual part that is often ignored or added as an afterthought despite the significant role it plays in attracting and engaging attention. Every point you deduct from the quality score means another potential sale lost to the competition.

Quality is an elusive concept and the mantra “I know it when I see it” is about the best we’ve got to define it. This is why, when it comes to quality, you should continue to push the boundary. If your content fails to generate significant leads or conversions then it is just possible that you have a quality problem.

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