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young male character with brown hair holding yellow magaphones

Video Development Process

Video is recognised as one of the most powerful formats
for generating leads and converting leads into sales.


Video is 50x more likely to rank high on searches
than any other format.


I follow a 10 step process that ensures

a smooth running project and a brilliant result.

example of a value proposition document

Developing a strong Value Proposition not only makes it easier to connect with the target audience but it establishes a foundation upon which every element in the video is built upon. It tells us things like who the target audience is, what they want, your product or service's features, its benefits and what these benefits mean for the buyer.


This is a 2-4 hour meeting to produce a value proposition that can serve as a basis for the next phase: the Creative Concept development.

concept drawing of character and newspaper with yellow and blue pencil

The Creative Concept is the unique idea around which the video is created. It is this idea that differentiate your message, ensures your audience remains engaged and ultimately makes your video talk-worthy. This is also where we choose the actors: either from our library characters, bespoke characters or humans.

example of a explainer video script

The video has the power to tell a convincing story. A well-written, engaging script is the foundation for a successful video. It needs to build context, tell the story, make connections, describe the proposition so people ‘get’ its value and want it, and end in a powerful call-to-action.

a storyboard for an animated video

The storyboard is a graphic representation of how your video will unfold, shot by shot. Planning things out is extremely important and the storyboard is a key element in this process. The storyboard reveals the visual interpretation of the script and describes the actions for each scene.

a voice artis recording a script in a studio with a microphone

Once the script and storyboard have been approved and signed off, we audition voice artists to find the perfect voice for the video. And once you’ve approved the voice talent they do their magic in the recording studio. 

three people in an office watching an drawing from an animatic to see how an animated video will flow

The Animatic is, simply put, the storyboard combined with the voice recording in video format. This helps us get a good feel for how the video flows so we can catch any problems before starting the labour-intensive animation production.    

and example of a 3D animation in progress on specialist software

My 3D animations are created using powerful software that gives me everything you would find in a film production studio: lights, cameras and action. During the animation process, I will generate preview videos so you can track progress. 

a 3D character of a young man with brown hair holding two yellow megaphones

Approved animated scenes are sent to a render farm to be turned into the final images (24 images in every second). The render farm is a dedicated supercomputer that offers the computing power of more than 400 high-end workstations, with 48 GB RAM each.

an example of 2D graphics and titles created in Adobe After Effects

During the animation process I will also create all the graphics, titles, kinetic typography, motion graphics and call-to-action elements that form part of the project.

an example of an animated video in post production on Adobe After Effects

Once all the animation frames and graphical elements are done it is time to put everything together. This process is called Post Production and includes things like inserting transitions, compositing elements, colour corrections and adding music and sound effects.

cartoon drawing of excited chicken and bird with big eyes and teeth
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