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Here is a small selection of Persuader Animations we've produced.

Explainer animations are best suited for when you want to impart knowledge and understanding. In other words, if you want to explain a product's functionality or a process, system or sequence of events. They are also ideal for explaining how to assemble or use a product.

Although understanding is sometimes enough to persuade someone to take action, it is not really the purpose of an explainer animation. 

Any animation that ends in a call-to-action, or where you want someone to change their mind about something, requires a Persuader Animation rather than an Explainer Animation.

Our Persuader animations are grounded on a unique framework of understanding how the mind makes decisions. Over the last two decades, we've constantly expanded and refined the framework and the methods of integrating it into our animation production process.

Most of our animations are created as high-end 3D animations. This is by far the preferred technique to use. If, however, a 2D look is required, we simply render the 3D as 2D. We call this 2.5D. It gives you all the fantastic storytelling power of 3D animation but with a 2D look. 

young male cartoon character with brown hair and shades

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