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Case Study


BNI is the biggest networking group of its kind in the world.
Over 270,000 businesses utilize their network to generate valuable sales referrals. Key to each chapter’s success and growth is for members to invite businesses to visit their meetings.

Utilising Humour


We created a story-based animation filled with humour and feel-good factor to explain to prospective guests what BNI is about and how it can benefit their company’s growth.


The characters that were chosen for the animation was our well-loved Cube Crafties. They are fun, humorous and a perfect fit for a market sector that spans both B2B and B2C businesses.  


When we write our scripts, we write it for the characters. They are in our heads playing out the scenes and form a key part of the creative script writing process.

The Animation

Entertainment is one of the most powerful formats to get your message through the attention barrier and that’s just what this animation does.


By simply changing the call-to-action screen with each BNI chapter’s name and contact details, this is now an effective door opener for BNI chapters across the world.

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