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    Animation is one of the most powerful storytelling formats there is. You have full control over every aspect of your story.


    We specialise in character and product animation as well as logo reveals. From ideation, concept drawing and script writing to storyboards, animation production and post production editing - we do it all.

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    We are a talent agency for one of the most diverse group of actors you are likely to find. We represent a broad mix of over 450 actors in over 60 Morphologies (which is a fancy way of saying basic shapes).


    Most of our actors are available to appear in your animated videos and most can be customised to different genders, races, brand colours and occupations (including aliens, zombies and accountants).

Every business has amazing stories to tell and we love telling them.  This is what the world out there, all those prospective clients and customers, want to hear. They want hear your story and feel positive, excited and confident about engaging with you. We love to create those emotional experiences through stories that connect. We put a lot of effort in the creation of stories so they reach both the hearts and minds of your audience.


+44 (0)1562 636633

Philippe Ingels - CEO

Email: philippe at wakster dot com

Tersia Ingels - Design

Email: tersia at wakster dot com

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