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Case Study

RS Hydro

RS Hydro is a multi-disciplined instrumentation company, providing specialist expertise to tackle technological issues facing clients over a large range of work in the water, environmental and industrial sectors. 


The company developed a revolutionary new multi parameter sensor platform for real-time water quality measurement, called Proteus.

Our Approach

It was soon clear that this project would require a combination of animation (to explain the technical details), and live video (to showcase the real-world implementation of the sensor platform). After working closely with the Proteus developers to make sure we got all the details right, we sketched out a storyboard illustrating the mix of animation and video.


We absolutely love to tell the stories of impressive new technology like the Proteus.

Once the script was approved, we modelled the Proteus and all its interchangeable sensors.


Then we modelled all the animation elements, designed thirteen unique icons for the Proteus features and, working closely with a local video production company, got all the location shots done. What we couldn’t shoot ourselves, we sourced from stock footage.

The Animation


All the careful planning that went into this project ensured that the animation and final post production edit process went very smoothly.


The result: a spectacular, highly effective video of the Proteus multi parameter sensor platform.

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