Case Studies

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Some Tricky Problems

  • BNI Invitation Animation

    BNI is the biggest networking group of its kind in the world.


    Over 270,000 businesses utilize their network to generate valuable sales referrals.


    Key to each chapter’s success and growth is for members to invite businesses to visit their meetings.

  • Adder Bookkeeping

    Adder Bookkeeping wanted to redevelop the company’s brand through the introduction of a character – a snake.  Adder is a play on “add up, and Helen, the business owner, loves snakes.

    Helen and Ray Bower wanted to grow their company. They knew that part of the strategy would have to include doing things differently, so they are noticed and remembered.

  • RS Hydro

    RS Hydro is a multi-disciplined instrumentation company, providing specialist expertise to tackle technological issues facing clients over a large range of work in the water, environmental and industrial sectors. 


    The company developed a revolutionary new multi-parameter sensor platform for real-time water quality measurement, called Proteus.

  • Sentinel Safety

    Sentinel Safety Solutions developed a new application called Safety Box to help business owners and managers manage their safety risks effectively while saving time and money.

    Sentinel knew that just telling people about the features and benefits was not going to be enough. They had to capture people’s attention and then hold that attention for long enough to get through all the many benefits the application has to offer.

  • Paul Bland

    Paul Bland is an English Language teacher and Business Coach based in Italy. He recognised the power of animation to communicate the value of his services and secure new business.

    It was important for Paul not only to attract attention but to make a favourable impression in a business culture predominately based on relationships of trust and passion.

  • Owens Estate Planning

    A behind-the-scenes look at how we created an informative, fun and vibrant brand for Owens Estate Planning Services.

    Here's how we did it:


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