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Case Study

Sentinel Safety

Sentinel Safety Solutions developed a new application called SafetyBox, to help business owners and managers manage their safety risks effectively, while saving time and money.

Health & Safety - What Fun!

Sentinel knew that just telling people about the features and benefits was not going to be enough. They had to capture people’s attention and then hold that attention for long enough to get through all the many benefits the application has to offer.


We certainly agreed! This was an ideal product for our storytelling abilities. A theme such as Health & Safety offers lots of opportunities to tell stories filled with drama, humour, lightbulb moments and feelgood factor.

The stars of this production were our uncomplaining and over-worked MiniWaks characters. These chunky little actors have featured in many successful productions. We added to their ranks by creating skins for a judge, lawyer, chef and Health & Safety inspector.

The Process

As with all our projects, the Sentinel project started with us learning as much about the company, its objectives and the product as was necessary to write an effective, engaging script. We then transferred all the images in our heads to a storyboard. The storyboard is not just to show the client what we suggest the animation should look like, but plays a crucial part in our production planning process.


Once the script, storyboard and all the detailed planning were in place, we carefully selected the right voice artist for the project. Although we sometimes do projects where the voice artist reads to the animation, we mostly use the voice recording to time the animations.

The Animation


The Sentinel SafetyBox animation was another project we thoroughly enjoyed working on – it was fun learning about Health & Safety, it was great working with the Sentinel team, and the end result was an animation both Sentinel and ourselves were happy with.

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