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Experts in The Art of Storytelling

Every business has amazing stories to tell and we love telling them.  This is what the world out there, all those prospective clients and customers, want to hear. They want hear your story and feel positive, excited and confident about engaging with you. We love to create those emotional experiences through stories that connect. We put a lot of effort in the creation of stories so they reach both the hearts and minds of your audience.

The Team

A Small Core Empowered by Passion and Supported by Trusted Specialists

  • Philippe Ingels

    “Ideas relentlessly pop into my head.  I write scripts, design characters, build 3D models, animate, plan and manage projects and, for about 10 years, I also designed and coded games. I’m uncompromising about quality, infatuated about how the mind works and obsessed about making sure projects deliver results.”


  • Tersia Ingels

    “I have a passion for great design, be it a logo, eye-catching layout or interface design. And I have a great weakness for fonts - my font collection is definitely larger than my shoe collection. I love collaborating with people from different disciplines. I'm detail-oriented and never find it a bore to pay attention to detail on projects.”


  • Collaborators

    ​We are supported by a network of trusted collaborators that are all highly talented and experienced specialists. This includes script editors, videographers, voice artists and musicians. We also collaborate with marketing agencies, web developers and game companies.


The Process

Creating Magic

Creating stories is one of the most rewarding experiences.
It is a process of creative magic anchored in the evidence-based facts about how the mind works. It is both an art and a science and we love both. 


Every creation story is somewhat different.

Below is just one of them



Tell us your story and where you want to take it.
Creative juices sloshing:
what will it take to get you to your destination?
Hey, that was fun! So, here's what we think will get you into the stratosphere...
Scripts and Storyboards.



Hello. Thank you for choosing me as your voice artist. 
And with godlike powers, worlds are brought into existence.
OK, it’s just 3D modelling, but it feels pretty empowering.
And then there was life!
Well, animation really does bring things to life, so...
Someone bring that artist back to earth...



Ready to start putting it all together?
Explainer Video!
15 second
social media clips
Static image
What else?
Time to roll it out
to the world!

Behind The Scenes

Creating Magic


+44 (0)1562 636633

Philippe Ingels - CEO

Email: philippe at wakster dot com

Tersia Ingels - Design

Email: tersia at wakster dot com

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