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100 000?  50 000?  20 000?  

How much does it cost?

Our pricing is straightforward:

The more behavioural economic and communication strategies we build into your animation, the more persuasive it will be. The more persuasive the animation more likely you are to win clients.

Imagine the golden balls below are your ideal clients. The more persuasive the animation, the fewer prospective ideal clients will drop off and be lost to you. 

Prospective Ideal clients interested
Ideal clients lost

That’s it. You pay to reduce the risk of losing prospective ideal clients when they visit your website, read your email, check your social media profile or meet you at a networking event.

How much you want to reduce that risk is up to you.

We offer three options to help your company grow:



All prices are subject to the complexity of models and animation. 

*  Our animation costs are based on value, not time. So, if the animation is shorter than the maximum length stated above, the value will still be the same. Let us know if you require a longer animation.


**  Green Screen video allows us to replace the background of a video with a 3D environment, thus placing you in our fantastical worlds.


***  Characters must be selected from a single set that allows for re-skinning. Contact us if you want to know more.

****  Images and promotional ads are taken from the main animation clips, so the number of images and ads we can produce might be less than estimated above.

Ask us about Additional Elements

  • Bespoke Characters

  • Sales Pipeline Analysis

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

  • Implementation Strategy



While Decision Engineered Pitches are our flagship product, we also produce 3D Explainer animations, Adverts and animations for Social Media.

Explainer animations can cost anywhere from £800 to £4000 (or more) per video, depending on the length and complexity of the production.

Adverts and Social Media content range from around £400 to £2000 (or more) per video, depending on the project's scope.  We also accommodate economies of scale.

The best thing to do is to contact us (preferably with a budget in mind) to discuss your needs so we can figure out how to help you achieve your objectives.


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