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We don’t do cheap. Cheap is bad. But we are also not sharks. Sharks are bad too.

A WAKSTER product is a long-term investment. It will work diligently for you for many years. Quality takes time. We are not a sausage factory - we want to make sure the products do what they are meant to do. That usually means making you money and helping you grow. It’s what we build our reputation on.  Whatever we produce for you is something that will represent the face of your company. We deeply care about that and take the responsibility very seriously. And lastly: how long is a piece of string? Story creation has more variables than you can imagine. The prices below are a guideline, and we are very creative with budget solutions,  so talk to us and see how we can help you.

Character Explainer Animation


Product Explainer Animation

Other Animation Packages



+44 (0)1562 636633

Philippe Ingels - CEO

Email: philippe at wakster dot com

Tersia Ingels - Design

Email: tersia at wakster dot com

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