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detailed exact 3D replica of wooden garden retreat or office

This is a collection of my 3D illustration work. They include illustrations for websites, marketing material, logos, branding, social media and print design. I use 3DS Max and Photoshop and can work in just about any style you require.

thirty three text 3D model cement structure with distressed pealing pint in red gray and red in underground parking lot
high quality 3D model explosive view of chrome engineering object with shiny metal surfaces
3D rendering of diamond shaped logo with copper plate and metallic red yellow and green paint
realistic 3D model of condiments knives wooden shelves sweet peppers cabbages vegetables
3d model depicting complex abstract ideas using cube like fish and realistic looking water environment
3D cartoon game environment with blue wooden shed red mushrooms plants and grass mossy rock and white picket fence
3D cardboard boxes forming a tunnel with flying boxes in the background against a warm sunset sky
3d wooden text lettering odd 1 with colourful abstract background
3D model of red jewellery keepsake box with stubby yellow pencil and pink eraser and white card with golden text wow!
3D perspex model of a simplified brain in the shape of a maze with dots showing entry and exit points and pathway
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