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Accountant STANDARD Explainer Animation

Accountant STANDARD Explainer Animation


Struggling to get people to understand the value you offer as an Accountant? Want to convert more leads to sales?

This ready-made STANDARD Explainer Animation from WAKSTER offers you an attention grabbing and engaging way to persuade prospective clients to get in touch with you.

Once we've incorporated your logo and call-to-action into the animation you can upload it to your website, share it on social media, email a link to prospective clients and promote it through your digital newsletter.

This STANDARD Explainer Animation has Wow-Factor in overdrive compared to using the same old text and images.



    This STANDARD Explainer Animation comprises of:

    • 1x Explainer Animation - 2 minutes and 45 sec runtime, mp4 file with H.264 codec, 1920x1080 pixels in size, High-Definition (HD) format.


    We will replace the "Your Logo" text in the animation with the image of your business logo you provide us with. We will also replace the words "Your Call to Action" with your company strapline or Call To Action, and the words "Your contact details here" with the email, web address and/or phone number you provide us with.




    The STANDARD Explainer Animation, video ads, image ads and other products purchased from WAKSTER Ltd. are not returnable or refundable after purchase.




    Once we've received confirmation of the purchase, we need 7 working days to compile the STANDARD Explainer Animation and will then send through a download link to the animation and guidelines on how to upload the animation to YouTube and some of the other major social media channels.




    • You may only distribute the STANDARD Explainer Animation you’ve purchased via the web or on social media.


    • You may not distribute the STANDARD Explainer Animation (or audio) via broadcast, cable network, OTT video services (e.g. Netflix or Amazon), or in theatres.


    • You may not use the STANDARD Explainer Animation (or audio) for radio, television or internet commercial spots.


    • You may not modify, reproduce, remix or otherwise alter the STANDARD Explainer Animation.


    • You may not re-sell the STANDARD Explainer Animation or any part of it.


    • You may not use the STANDARD Explainer Animation or any part of it in connection with other material that is pornographic, defamatory, libellous, obscene, immoral or illegal.




    Once we've received your order, we will send you an email requesting the following information of the company you want to promote:


    • Company email address
    • Company web link
    • Company phone number
    • Company strapline or Call To Action
    • Company logo (high resolution transparent png, at least 1920 pixels high)


    PLEASE DOWNLOAD THIS PDF for detailed instructions.



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