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What is Our Story?


We are a creative studio passionate about telling engaging stories – stories about your products, your services, your people – in fact, any story where you want to create a lightbulb moment.


We collaborate with companies, both small and large, to help craft stories that build brand awareness and boost growth.


Our team creates memorable online encounters with a whole-brain approach. That means we focus on both the facts and the feelings that motivate positive action.


We do what we do because we love what we do. We provide a collaborative and enjoyable experience for our clients and theirs.


Let’s work together and bring your project to life with a story worth listening to. 



We create captivating, engaging, memorable stories

Ideation | Research | Script
writing | Concept Illustration | Storyboards



Our creations translate into
many formats


Explainer Videos | Video & Static Adverts | Vlogs | Social Media Images | Slide Decks | Data Visualization | Logo Reveals | Website Re-skins |
Branding Design | Digital Signage | Instructional, Training & Educational content



We have a love of characters, animation and graphic design

Character creation | 2D & 3D Animation | Motion Graphics |  Visual FX

Our Work

Trusted By Many

The value we offer is not so much in our character, animation or design skills, although we’re very good at those things, but in our ability to craft effective and compelling stories. That is what separates us from other animation studios. We know how to connect with hearts and minds, and we’ve been doing that for a long time and for many brands in a wide range of sectors.

  • BNI Invitation Animation

    We created a fun and informative animation to help BNI members invite guests to their weekly networking meetings.

  • Adder Bookkeeping

    Adder Bookkeeping required a complete transformation of their brand. A year later they won the Luca Social Media Influencer Of The Year 2020 award.

  • Paul Bland

    Paul Bland is an English Language teacher and Business Coach based in Italy. We created an engaging story animation to open doors for new business.

  • Owens Estate Planning

    We helped John Owens’ Estate Planning Services to not only be recognizably different and memorable but engaging as well. 

  • RS Hydro

    RS Hydro wanted people to get a good understanding of how revolutionary their new multi-parameter, real-time sensor platform is, so we created an video that did just that.

  • Sentinel Safety Systems

    Sentinel Safety developed a Risk Management application called SafetyBox. We created a fun and engaging animation to explain its value and features. 


What Our Clients Say

  • Above and beyond are not words I often use, but WAKSTER absolutely deliver.  Working with Philippe and his team was a pleasure with the end product exceeding our expectations. 

    Richard Peace - Creative Productions Manager - SAS

  • Philippe and Tersia are the best people to work with. They work with you from their heart, treating each project with care, which makes you feel like you are the most important client.

    Rashid al Khalifa - Director - MindBytes Bahrain

  • WAKSTER has been our outsourced graphics partner for several years now and continues to impress. One of their major talents, that we really appreciate, is the ability to get inside the head of a customer and understand what it is the customer wants.

    Steve Moylan - Director - Emotive Networks Ltd


Trusted by the Experts

The Benefits of Stories

Simply Gripping Stuff

Stories capture attention, retain attention and create a deeper level of understanding.


They answer the “whys” the brain craves to connect the dots, build interest and make those emotional connections that drive decision making.

They get content through the attention barrier because people are more open to listening to a good story.


Stories are more shareable, more enduring, more memorable and they build brand loyalty.

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Philippe Ingels - CEO

Email: philippe at wakster dot com

Tersia Ingels - Design

Email: tersia at wakster dot com

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