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Decision-Engineered Pitches

delivered through video and animation.

Elevate your pitch to a new level of persuasiveness.

Some of the many outstanding companies we've worked with:

Your pitch shouldn’t be left to blunder around in someone’s head.

When your pitch finally passes through someone’s impenetrable wall of disinterest, it bounces inside their head like a pinball as they try to determine if you’re worth listening to.

You hope for that ball to land on the YES button, prompting them to contact you.

You absolutely should not leave that bouncing-around part to chance.

Decision-Engineering provides us with a toolbox of methods to influence your message’s pathway inside someone’s head, increasing the likelihood of it landing on YES. That's what all brilliant communication does. We just do more of it.

We deliver your skillfully engineered message through spectacular VIDEO AND ANIMATED PITCHES, so your message has a better chance of landing on YES.

Decision-Engineering + Art of Communication = YES.


What we have in the toolbox

You either create a video or animated pitch based on talent, experience, and best practices, or you create them based on those things, plus a deep understanding of the Science of Persuasiveness. For obvious reasons, we do it right, so here are a few things we take into account:

Storytelling and Narrative Structure Sense-making logic

Motion and Timing

Emotional Resonance

Priming Effects

Cognitive Biases


Anchoring Effects

Symbolism and Metaphors


Contextual Relevance

Pacing and Rhythm

Contrast and Emphasis

Visual Styling

Repetition and Reinforcement Consistency

Escalation of Commitment

Risk perceptions

Social Influences


Belief Systems

Colour Theory

Attention Retainers

Problem-solving styles

Time pressure

Framing Effects

Language Styles

Tone of Voice


Your pitch should deliver WOW, AHA and YES!

WOW, that was impressive.

AHA, that made sense.

YES, I want to talk to you.

In the eyes of the consumer, very few things are perceived as unique. However, in that world of sameness, the story you tell about a product or service has endless potential to be exceptional, making the value offered appear extraordinary.

That story must be told as a captivating experience that excites the person to work with you. That is why we use animation in our pitches.

Animation gives you everything you need to draw people into your story. It is different, entertaining and one of the most powerful communication tools to help people make sense of your offer.


  • It makes the complex simple to understand.

  • It is unmatched in storytelling power to keep people engaged.

  • The creative freedom offered by Animation makes it an ideal tool for applying Decision-Engineering rules. This approach finely tunes your message, influencing its path in people’s minds. It’s the go-to tool for crafting messages that resonate with a ‘Yes’.

Decision-Engineering + Animation = YES.


Decision-Engineered Script

+ Animation

If you want your online pitch to resonate with your audience but you’d rather go skydiving than appear in front of a camera, then we’ll do it all with Animation.


The pitch holds the attention, makes sense and feels persuasive because of the combination of a carefully engineered script delivered through the communication power of Animation.


Decision-Engineered Script

+ Video + Animation

People buy from people. Using Video offers a human connection and makes the pitch feel more personal, direct and genuine. But we don’t want the pitch to lose out on the incredible power of Animation. So, we fuse the two by placing you (or an actor) inside the Animation.

The pitch gets noticed because it’s different, it holds attention because of you, it makes sense because of the Animation and people become persuaded because we Decision-Engineered the pitch for persuasiveness.

To find out more, please get in contact.


About us

At WAKSTER, we’re passionate about changing hearts and minds through effective digital pitch videos.

It’s an art and a science, and we love both.


We’ve produced over 215 animations and created more than 70 character collections.

While we’ve had fun doing all that, Philippe managed to decode the language of consciousness after more than 20 years of effort and, based on this, have built a comprehensive process model of what’s happening inside our heads.

Utilising AI, we use this model to guide everything we do for our video and animation productions.


Every project is unique and precious. We approach it with the full intention of making it our crowning glory.



What Our Clients Say

Our Work

Trusted By Many


How effective will an animation be at persuading? That depends on how well the production company understand the cognitive systems which govern the decision-making process.

WAKSTER has been working on developing a practical framework for understanding how the mind makes decisions for nearly two decades. The system is unique and powerful. We constantly refine the framework with the latest research findings in psychology, neuroscience and behavioural economics.

The value we offer is not so much in our character, animation or design skills - although we’re very good at those things - but in our ability to craft compelling stories, underpinned by behavioural science. That's what separates us from other animation studios.

We know how to connect with hearts and minds. 


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