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Explainer Animation

Here is a small selection of Explainer animations we've created.

Explainer animations are best suited for when you want to impart knowledge and understanding. In other words, if you want to explain a product's functionality or a process, system or sequence of events. They are also ideal for explaining how to assemble or use a product.

Although understanding is sometimes enough to persuade someone to take action, it is not really the purpose of an explainer animation. However, Explainer animations can be used as a sales support tool. 

If you want an animation that will persuade your audience to take action, you need a Persuader Animation.

Most of our animations are created as high-end 3D animation. When a 2D look is required, we simply render the 3D as 2D. We call this 2.5D. It gives you all the fantastic storytelling power of 3D animation but with a 2D look. 

Armstrong Bell Explainer
Meaning and the Meaning of Life
young male cartoon character with brown hair and shades

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