Generating Traffic through Games

A great game is the same as chair covered in super-glue. You sit down and you are stuck. Your intention might have been to sit down for a couple of minutes but when your situation dawns on you, you know you are there for the long haul. In the back of your mind you can deny your loss of self control, you can distract yourself by pretending to do something else, but in the end you always have to come back to the simple fact that you are stuck, ensnared, totally hooked ... on that game. How does it work? Your online presence might not be a chair covered in super-glue but you do want people to get stuck on it all the same. The longer they are stuck with your brand, the more it will feel like hom

Generating Traffic through Viral Marketing

Take a product, service or idea, stick a whizz-bang idea onto it, place this sizzling package in the midst of an infectious, entertainment hungry bunch of megaphone wielding enthusiasts and let them blast it out to the world. When others hear them they will be infected to do the same. It's just one of those things about a cool idea. This, in a nutshell, is viral marketing. It's the web-version of word-of-mouth marketing. How does it work? After the initial seeding the viral idea propagates itself exponentially, putting world dominance within your reach. Since it is a friend that says the idea is great, and not some nobody with his eye on your piggy bank, it must be a great idea. Then it is c

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