Strap a rocket-pack to your sales pitch!

Selling consultancy, training or any other service where imparting knowledge is a key part of the marketing process often requires several sales pitches with no guarantee of success. This is because a large part of the prospect’s decision making is based on emotional triggers such as ‘I like what I’m hearing, ‘I feel I can trust them’ and ‘I feel there’s a connection here’. Selling such services requires two key ingredients: instilling a sense that you have the answers to whatever problem they want to resolve instilling a sense of trust that you are the one to guide them through the process of understanding and implementing those answers. Many consultants would rather that the sales process

Empower e-learning with characters and stories

There is little doubt that technology has revolutionized learning. Although there is a long list of e-learning advantages there are also some drawbacks. In many e-learning courses there is a distinctive absence of a sense of connection between the facts, logic, and reasoning in the course material and the more intangible sense of how it all connects to produce an intuitive understanding of the information. Those ‘Aha’ moments are often brought about by the interaction and sharing of stories between the learner, teacher and fellow students in the class environment. They place the factual information in a more relevant context which the learner can relate to. This lack of story is not a fail

Send your clone out to do your marketing!

The problem with selling a consultancy or training service is that you are selling something intangible. That requires a tremendous amount of trust and a financial leap of faith from a prospect. How do you encourage someone to make that leap of faith? To facilitate trust, five key thought processes need to be present in that prospect mind: • a fear of failure • a vision of success • repeat exposure to your message • a strong sense that you are offering something different (and better) • an engaging experience Even if you are a well-established consultant, trainer or educator those five rules apply. Prospects need repeated exposure to the impact of failing and to the solutions you offer. Th

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