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Generating Traffic through Games

A great game is the same as chair covered in super-glue. You sit down and you are stuck. Your intention might have been to sit down for a couple of minutes but when your situation dawns on you, you know you are there for the long haul. In the back of your mind you can deny your loss of self control, you can distract yourself by pretending to do something else, but in the end you always have to come back to the simple fact that you are stuck, ensnared, totally hooked ... on that game.

How does it work?

  • Your online presence might not be a chair covered in super-glue but you do want people to get stuck on it all the same. The longer they are stuck with your brand, the more it will feel like home, a place to be. That's what games do.

  • Games suck up tremendous amounts of focused attention. When you have someone's undivided attention its a good time to ask them personal questions and tell them that when you click your fingers they will wake up and want more of your stuff.

  • Games make people come back for more. But that's OK, even if no cure has been found for this addiction it does not cause lasting damage.

  • As we are no longer allowed to challenge people to a duel at dawn, games are an effective way for people to invite their mates to proof who is leader of the pack. That's good for you because someone has just done your marketing for you and invited several more people to your site.

What's needed?

There are millions of games out there so you have to create a game that will stand out in the crowd and get people to tell their mates about it.

  • The game needs brilliant graphics, sound and animation.

  • The game-play has to fit like a well loved glove.

  • The game has to have a lot of stickiness: easy to play, difficult to fully master, loads of rewards and be instantly appealing.

  • The game has to serve your purpose, be it brand building, data capturing, viral marketing or promotion.

  • The game has to be targeted at a specific audience that is right for your brand objectives.

What kinds are there?

Successful games often consist of a mixture of integrated game play elements. Here are a few of the possibilities:

ActionAdventure, Artificial, LifeBoard Games, Card Games, Capturing, Collecting, Combat, Dodging, Educational, Escape, Flying, Driving, Gambling, Management Simulation, Maze, Platform, Puzzle, Quiz, Rhythm, Role-Playing, Sports, Strategy.

Please have a look at some of the Games that we've been involved in.

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