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Do a little brand magic!

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Smart brands open the doors to creativity. What I am suggesting is adding something to your brand that will stick in people’s minds, make them want to explore further and walk through the sales funnel because they like the experience. Creativity’s big dilemma though is that it always starts with a blank sheet and pulling something unique out of the hat can be a daunting prospect. It happens all too often that you don’t stick your hand inside that magic hat and instead opt for playing it safe. That is just a huge, missed opportunity to differentiate your brand and turn it into something special that current and future clients will appreciate.

How does the magic hat trick work?

The creative process is a journey. Here are a few points to consider:

  • You first need to look deep into the hat and discover your own uniqueness and often that means going beyond your mission statement and product range or service to the people that make it all happen. Your audience needs to connect with your message and go “Wow, this is different – I like it!”

  • Once you’ve made the connection, stick your hand into the hat and throw out anything that does not support that vibrant brand personality you want to pull from the hat – make it personal, focus on building a relationship, offer them information and advice that has real value even if they are not yet buying, be their friend, be that exciting person they would really like to get to know better.

  • And here is where creativity really comes into play: you need to pull something from the hat that captures your uniqueness in such a way that people will immediately ‘get it’. Do you homework, look around, learn from others, and keep creating ideas until that magic rabbit suddenly pops form the hat.

Creativity doesn’t erase credibility

Creativity is a way of thinking that helps you find unique solutions and approaches to your business that set you apart from the competition.

It may be what you need to avoid being just another bland commodity.

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