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A little levity goes a long way in building rapport with your target audience


Instead of exposing their humanity, many organisations – in the name of ‘professionalism’ – shy away from expressing even a shred of soul in their brand. You see those websites everywhere – dead, boring templates stripped of even a hint of excitement. The only thing that saves them is the fact that their competition is equally soulless. Everyone is caught up in the idea that they must operate the same way.

This has got to stop.

Smart brands know how to connect with people on an emotional level – they create a sense of excitement, elicit a smile, and present a playful attitude that says ‘We don’t take ourselves so seriously that we wipe out all traces of a brand personality’. They allow their humanity to shine through the professionalism and that is what people relate to.

Lighten up!


By lightening up, a brand also becomes more memorable. Our brains have evolved emotions to help separate events so the important stands clearly apart from the less important. Emotions help focus our attention so that we retain important events in the memory.

It makes a lot more sense to present visitors with an unforgettable experience by offering them something different; by stepping out from behind the bland template and acting like you’re interested in building a personal relationship. Why not take them on a journey filled with surprises, amazement, something different and just enough fun to make it a truly worthwhile and memorable experience?

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